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How To Order

The nursery is very happy to take large & small orders. The availability of any species depends on the available seed, or plant material for the particular provenance area that it is to be planted.


Range from $3.90 for a flowering herb or grass & $5.45 for a shrub in a 75mm pot.

Range from $2.50 for a flowering herb or grass in a 50mm pot.

Discounts apply to orders over 500 of single species grown from seed.

(Please note all prices can change without notice.)

Approximate fulfilment time:

Many alpine plant species are very slow growing therefore it is necessary to allow between 9 to 12 months in the nursery for most plants to be big enough for planting, a few of the really slow shrubs take to 18 months.

In gardening terms this appears to be a very long time however it can be very gainfully used for site preparation, ie weed control is very important for the success of a project, & staggering the planting times can allow time for reassessment and to gather more resources or onsite help.

Very occasionally the nursery has small numbers of plants that are extra from another order and these are available for sale sometimes right when you need them!

To discuss your order requirements, please contact the nursery on:

Annie Marlow
Nursery Manager
Victorian Alps Nursery
Ph   03 5731 1212
Fax 03 5751 1532

Please note the nursery is open by appointment only. Please phone the nursery manager to book your personalised consultation today.