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Vic Alps Nursery

The Vic Alps Nursery is part of Mt Hotham Resort Management Board's environment program. It supplies the plant tube stock for rehabilitation projects on the mountain.

The nursery has evolved after lengthy research into germinating and propagating alpine and sub-alpine species of the Australian mainland. This work has been supported by the Victorian government's conservation department and La Trobe University. Production standards were established by Elizabeth MacPhee, an expert horticultural scientist with many years experience in the production of high altitude plants; Rebecca Read, the nursery's principal horticulturist continues to refine methods of propagation for alpine species.

The Vic Alps Nursery propagates a large diversity of alpine and sub-alpine species and will accept orders for tube stock for any project on Hotham or in any other alpine area in mainland Australia. Contact the nursery.

Bogong Daisy Bush (Olearia frostii)
As well as for Mt Hotham, the nursery produces high quality plants for rehabilitation and restoration projects at all major Victorian ski resorts, Dinner Plain, Mt Buffalo and the Alpine National Parks and the Kosciuszko National Park & ski areas.

All plant material for propagation is sourced from the specific areas where the plantings are planned. For instance plants that are grown from Mt Buller material cannot be planted at Mt Hotham. The nursery is guided by the expertise of botanists from the Melbourne herbarium, they decide the range in that a particular species can be planted.

The conditions that the alpine vegetation has adapted to, - long cold winters, a short growing season and shallow alpine soil, - mean that many alpine species are hard to propagate and very slow growing.

The Vic Alps Nursery uses quality growing medias that are mixed to recipes that have been developed to best suit the growing requirements of alpine plant species. These potting mixes are supplied by Spotswood Holdlings. John & Sue at Spotswoods have patiently worked with the staff at the Vic Alps Nursery understanding that a media recipe tailored to the plant type it is to grow is the foundation for strong, healthy tube stock.

Tall Rice Flower (Pimelea ligustringa) developing seed

No order is too large or small for the nursery but because of the time it takes to grow the plants and the need for site preparation, particularly weed control, all projects, big or small, need thoughtful planning.

If you would like alpine specimens in your garden at home, there are a number of alpine and sub-alpine species that the nursery propagates that will grow very well in lowland gardens.